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Art Lande Trio Touring Texas
Art Lande, Bruce Williamson, Khabu Doug Young

March 30 - April 5, 2015

This reunion will be a special treat for listeners, who can expect to hear both lyricism and drive, fresh original compositions mixed with adventurous improvisation, and quite possibly poetic and/or theatrical elements added to the mix.

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Trio JAB - Johaness, Art, Bruce
Johaness Weidenmueller, Art Lande, Bruce Williamson

March 7, 2014
University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN

Serious fun is what the audience can expect — spontaneity in trustworthy hands of veteran players and composers that know how to leap into the unknown and land on their feet.

The ability to create space where rhythmic complexity, melodic lyricism, and harmonic freedom intersect makes the group interesting and surprising to listen to without sacrificing artfulness, groove or poetic beauty.

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Trio BAP - Bruce, Art, Paul
Bruce Williamson, Art Lande, Paul McCandless

March 9 and 12, 2013
Mill Valley, CA and Ukiah, CA.

A group that straddles the definitions of modern Jazz and 21st century chamber music.

The seamless connection between composition and improvisation and the flexibility of precision and freedom takes the listener on a wide ranging journey.

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Art Lande, Bill Douglass, Juliana Kohl
Their musical history and personal connection goes back decades. Finally, they perform together as a band!

March 16 and March 17, 2012
Oakland, CA and San Rafael, CA.

Material for this weekend will fuse folk, jazz and classical traditions, including new compositions and Irish tunes for St. Patrick's Day weekend.

If music resonating and breathing from the heart is what you seek, come visit with this trio's journey into composition and improvisation on Friday, March 16th, 8:00 PM, at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, and Saturday, March 17th at 8:00 PM, at JB Piano Company in San Rafael.

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Art Lande Presents
A monthly series of original innovative music for our time

September through December, 2011
Every first Sunday is a doubleheader. Two bands each night at Dazzle, Denver's premiere club for timely, original music.

September  4 - Baktrak and Cuddle
October      2 - Italavians in duo and trio and FunkModerno
November  6 - Art Lande Peter Sommer Duo and Art Lande Peter Sommer Quartet
December  4 - Art Lande / Mark Miller Duo and The Boy Girl Band

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Art Lande Quartet
Art Lande, Peter Sommer, Alan Hall, Peter Barshay

May 12-15, 2011, San Francisco Bay Area

A refreshing band, playing original music, and comprised of veteran jazz musicians who are creative and interactive, is looking forward to an exciting series of music in the Bay Area. Audiences in the Denver Front Range area are familiar with Art Lande and Peter Sommer. Their special chemistry and powerful musical connection are apparent on their CD Sioux County and numerous live performances over the years. This May, they will be joined by San Francisco's premier bass and drum connection, Peter Barshay and Allen Hall.

They have played with a who's who of Jazz greats for decades and have a remarkable subtlety and spacing, and a fluid time feeling that can be tight, but is always flexible. They have done numerous projects in California with Art and are featured on Shape Shifter with Paul McCandless, and a new CD Standard Transmission with Bruce Williamson.

This will be their second time playing with Peter Sommer. Last October was their first meeting and it was a weekend of burnin' music and sold-out venues. This West Coast-Rocky Mountain blend will be an event not to be missed, with new compositions by Art and Pete, reworked standards, and free improvisations all weaved together.

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Old Wine, New Bottles - Trio
Art Lande, Eddie Marshall, Bill Douglass

A weekend of jazz standards and free improvisation

These three musicians have been part of the rich Bay Area jazz scene for forty years. Back in the 70's, you could hear them at the Both/And, Great American Music Hall or Keystone Korner as rhythm section participants with people like Bobby Hutcherson, Woody Shaw and Joe Henderson. They were all part of Cazadero Music Camp, the precursor to Jazz Camp West. Eddie was part of the great Fourth Way band with Mike Nock, Michael White and Ron McClure, while Art and Bill forged the Rubisa patrol that toured internationally and recorded for ECM. All three musicians are multi-instrumentalists. Bill is a superb flutist, including bamboo flutes, which he played in the chinese ensemble The Flowing Stream. Eddie just might be the wold's premiere jazz recorder player, while Art plays drum set and melodica in numerous bands.

The reunion of these fine musicians begins at 8PM on February 26th, at Syd Williams' Beautiful home at 1071 Page Street, San Francisco. Contact Syd at 415-823-1000 for reservations. Saturday night, the band plays at the Jazz School in Berkeley, 2087 Addison Street. Call 510 845 5373 for more information on this 8PM concert. Art and Bill will be doing a free improv clinic at the school from 3:30 - 5:30 that afternoon. The final concert will be on Sunday afternoon at Chez Hanny, beginning at 4PM. The new location is at 1300 Silver Street, San Francisco. Call Frank at 415 552 2729 for reservations.

It will be a rare treat hearing these guys making music again. You can count on creativity, subtle interaction, knowledge of the tradition and how to break with it, and much good humor and spirit.

Don't miss it!

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Boy-Girl Band

The Boy-Girl Band is an improvising ensemble from Boulder, Colorado, that has been performing, recording and rehearsing weekly since 2002. The group has made an art form out of spontaneous composition that blends jazz, modern music and rock elements into a unique concoction.

"Rehearsals aren't about memorizing songs, but about working on the collaborative process."    -Art Lande

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Art Lande, Mark Miller Duo

Art Lande and Mark Miller have performed and recorded together for over thirty years. Their improvisations are compositional in their clarity and precision, tightly constructed works that include gorgeous melodies, spicy dissonances and a colorful harmonic palette.

"A perfect gem... Why aren't these guys more famous?"    -Cadence Magazine

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The Hidden Jewel

The realms of classical, jazz, world music and pure improvisation blend together seamlessly to create concerts that are unique and inspiring. The feeling in the center of their music is a jewel worth searching for in the contemporary music landscape.

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Landes at Play / Art and Aubrey Lande Duo

Together these two artists bring forth original, highly musical pieces that both amaze and stimulate audience members.

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