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Flex - the new album Slate & Quartz - has been released!

Slate & Quartz album cover image

July 15, 2022
Slate & Quartz, the anticipated next album from Flex, is ready! It is available now for digital download and listening/streaming at Art's Bandcamp site as well as streaming services worldwide.

Slate & Quartz features some of Art's older and unrecorded pieces, including Pathways (for Bill Evans) and Underbrush (written for and first played by Steve Swallow). This album also includes beautiful pieces written by Gonzalo and Dru, as well as pieces written while wintering in Arizona. Two tracks also feature the strong tenor sax of our friend Sam[uel] Williams.

Regardless of your geological inclinations, we hope you'll visit, download/listen to Slate & Quartz, and enjoy our latest (and very solid) musical efforts - Flex.

Annie Booth Sextet CD Release

Alpenglow, a new album from the Annie Booth Sextet, will be released in late June, 2022, with an initial concert on Saturday, June 25, at Caffe Sole in Boulder, CO.

Art Lande might be heard on a few notes that evening, as a potential guest artist, due to his role in the project last fall. See this news story for more info on that grant winning project, check Annie's site for other gigs and info, and certainly get to Caffe Sole on Saturday, June 25, to hear the debut of the album Alpenglow.

Samuel Williams and Art Lande play the Music of Glenn Cronkhite - an Aspen Armchair Concert

Aspen Armchair Concerts are a collection of virtual concerts created during the pandemic by musicians in the AMFS fold, both alumni and long-time performers. Samuel Williams is one of those distinguished musicians.

Art Lande and Sam Williams Photo

Sam and Art will play music by original Rubisa Patrol drummer, Glenn Cronkhite. In a phrase, these pieces map right into that enigmatic category of 1970's/ECM/major quality and substance.

This performance is featured as the Armchair concert for April. View it for free at any time starting April 12 (6PM MDT) and ending on April 15,2022 by visiting this page at AMF Virtual Stage. Visit AMFS Armchair Concerts for more information about the series.

Daisy - from Edward Simon and Art Lande

Release date: February 11, 2022

Art Lande and Edward Simon photos with Daisy album cover

In April of 2019, Edward Simon and Art Lande played their first concert together. They wanted more, so despite many obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic, they got together in the studio, recorded, mixed and produced Daisy.

Daisy is an exquisite and moving album from two brilliant and masterful musicians. It was released world wide via digital music archive hosts and streaming services on February 11, 2022. Download and/or listen/stream it using Art's Bandcamp site, or get it from your favorite streaming service worldwide.

By Edward Simon and Art Lande

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation book cover

This remarkable book by Mark Miller with Art Lande is gaining praise. Get your copy from University Professors Press.

Visit the link NOW and peruse the moving notable reviews, make an order and spread the word.

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation by Mark Miller with Art Lande.

More good info about the book is available at Mark's website.

Annie Booth Sextet Awarded Performance Plus Grant

Performance Plus is a Chamber Music America program providing grants to US based gender minority and women-led jazz ensembles.

Annie Booth is a recognized woman leader in all kinds of jazz music and jazz ensembles. But how does Art Lande fit-in?

Annie Booth Sextet, plus Art Lande

Annie Booth Sextet with Art Lande

Patrick McDevitt (bass), Alejandro Castaño (drums), Annie Booth (piano/bandleader), Art Lande, John Gunther (saxophone), Greg Gisbert (trumpet), Anisha Rush (saxophone)

The purpose of Performance Plus is to engage an experienced jazz artist-educator (Art Lande) with such a jazz ensemble (Annie Booth Sextet) for six evaluative listening sessions with the goal of enhancing the ensemble’s performance. The listening sessions will culminate in a recording session resulting in a high-quality demo for use by the grantee ensemble.

And there it is — after the CMA panel review process, the Annie Booth Sextet was awarded a Performance Plus grant and had six dynamic and inspiring master class sessions with Art during September, October and November of 2021.

With parts A (award) and B (the sessions) complete, the recording session and our ability to hear the resulting demo are yet to come. More info about those dates and session insights will be posted as it becomes available. Check back for related news about this project.

Congratulations to the Annie Booth Sextet, and many thanks to Chamber Music America, the Doris Duke Jazz Ensembles Project, and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation for their support.

Still in Rotation

The Silver Fox cover image
The Silver Fox features Art Lande and Erik Jekabson with Peter Barshay and Alan Hall as the Arterik Quartet on a recording from the Hillside Club in Berkeley, CA. It's a Double CD project packing more than 90 minutes of music into ten terrific jazz tunes. Avaliable on Bandcamp and streaming services. Listen right now ...

ACT reACT cover image
Carl Schultz's project ACT reACT has also been released. Before going into the studio late last summer, Carl, Art and Tim Wendel played this evocative music for us all via a livestream from the Muse Performance Space. Avaliable on streaming services. Listen to ACT reACT right now ...

Cenozoic Dreams album cover
In September, the Emily Takahashi Quintet recorded their latest project Cenozoic Dreams. A tribute and thank you to Mother Earth from the imaginative pen of Emily Takahashi with aural representation by her terrific musicians — Shane Endsley, Anisha Rush, Bill McCrossen, Art Lande and Emily Takahashi. Emily's music is now available on Bandcamp. Listen and/or puchase right now ...