khabu, bill, mark, art

Active: 2017 to present

Art Lande - (piano and drums)
Mark Miller - (woodwinds)
Khabu Doug Young - (guitars)
Bill McCrossen - (basses)
Collage of S Band photos

S  is   ...   a group of musicians that have played together in many different contexts for many years. We are improvisers at heart, and in this band we spontaneously compose the music that may sound like jazz, contemporary classical (new music), salsa, Japanese folk music, or Space Funk. Spoken word and stories are often part of the evening as well.



Jun 21, 2023
S playing at The Muse, With Super Guest Bruce Williamson from NYC.

Jul 31, 2021
S playing for LIVE listeners at Caffe Sole

Feb 7, 2020
Want Some Lobster? Chief Longnose Meets the Pilgrims - a Themed Ceraso Studio House Concert.

Apr 2019
Dairy Center for the Arts with the Boy Girl Band