Funko Moderno

Funko Moderno

Active: 2011 to present

   Art Lande (drums),
   Karl Schultz (sax),  Matt Flaherty (guitar)
   Noah Fulton-Beale (trumpet)
   Sam Yulsman (piano)
   Otis Lande (electric bass)

Original members included:  John Lake (trumpet),   Danny Meyer (sax),  Andrew Moorhead (piano)

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Bebop, bossa nova, fusion and punk rock were musical styles that exploded into the consciousness of players and listeners in the past. Now we have Funko Moderno, a wildly new musical expression that comes out of the fictitious city/state inside of Italy called Italavia. Settled by a family of Yougoslavian immigrants (the Bringe family) during times imperceptable, Italavia has musical tradition that is always only nine days old. Now that's modern!

The only country smaller than the postage stamp that commemorates it, Italavia has a music that includes odd, infectious, funky rhythms, jazzy or dorky melodies and an orderly chaos that signifies the folk passions of a young, unrecognized nation. All pieces are named for Bringe family members, like Jufnitz, Gwylbutzd, Sklar and Chipe, who have decided to spread this music beyond the cramped, spacious borders of Italavia.

Be the first on you block to be in the know about Funko Moderno. Fresh music of our time, that is never more than nine days old! Take a mind-bending journey on the Italavia Express.



If you haven't heard Art Lande's new band — Funko Moderno — you've got to check it out! I attended their debut performance at Dazzle and loved it. Art is one of the world's most creative people, and this band combines music that is unlike anything you've ever heard, with an introduction to the wacky culture of the land of Italavia.

The concept for this new music, just came to Art, and for the last six months he and his band mates have been rehearsing these newly written compositions, which are based on four different written lines that are sometimes played together and sometimes not. There is soloing and always improvisation, both in the stories of the beings from the town of Italavia, and in the pieces.

Art and his bandmates do a great job of acquainting us with the townfolk of the mystical place. The tunes are about everything from laundry to orphans to strange animals. The music fits together like a puzzle, and, while challenging to play, is funky and catchy with very cool harmonies, and funny story lines that are libel to make you laugh out loud. The players are all very talented and equally highlighted in this band.

After the gig, you'll be humming Grampma, Fiuyble, Zehnyanzh, and Vrebzbi as you hop on one foot out the door. If you're looking for a refreshingly fun musical experience, grab a group of friends and go hear Funko Moderno. I hope to see you there!

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