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Tina Raymond - Left Right Left

Left Right Left album

Tina Raymond, Art Lande, Putter Smith
Release Date: April, 2017
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Read Tina's full statement about the album's concept at the Label's website ...

... This is what America has forgotten. We are one animal, and, when we pull away from one another, we are ripping this creature apart.

Since the country's coasts are predominantly left-leaning and much of its central states are right-leaning, together we are LEFT RIGHT LEFT.

Tina Raymond



(In the July, 2017 issue of Cadence Magazine)

TINA RAYMOND [drm] makes a strong recording debut on LEFT RIGHT LEFT Orenda Records 0039]. This CD combines a distinct program with an exceptional trio [Art Lande-p, Putter Smith-b]. The CD's title refers to the political split in this country and the program [61:23] reflects some of the battles this country has contended with [Pastures Of Plenty, Battle Hymn Of The Republic, America, The Fiddle And The Drum, Lift Every Voice And Sing, Saigon Bride, If I Had A Hammer] plus 2 Smith compositions [Xxmas In Bagdad + White Flight]. The music is not played with the militancy that one might expect but instead often with a gentleness that belies some of the hard truths in these confrontations. Lande is not heard from today as much as in the past, which is too bad as he sketches out the program and is a good foil for Raymond who colors and sketches out her role subtly. Raymond only really solos on one track. Smith's bass lines pulls the music together on this undated recording. Gone are some of these struggles, but the memory lingers on.

Cadence Magazine - Robert Rusch


Tina Raymond, Art Lande and Putter Smith reveal their intense musical relationship on Right, Left, Right, a 10-track recording that shines the spotlight on new arrangements of folk tunes, traditional anthems and a couple of Putter Smith's originals. full review ...

Sounds of Timeless Jazz by Paula Edelstein


This is actually a jazz album, but I'm putting it in this month's Folk/Country section because of its source material: the program is anexploration of the American Progressive movement through an assortment of folk songs associated with it throughout the 20th century. Drummer/arranger Tina Raymond and her accompanists Art Lande (piano) and Putter Smith (bass) take such familiar melodies as The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Woody Guthrie's Pastures of Plenty, Pete Seeger and Lee Hays' If I Had a Hammer, and America, and take them apart — sometimes radically and even acerbically, but always respectfully. Sometimes they swing, sometimes they strut, and sometimes they do something I don't quite know how to describe, but this album is consistently worth hearing.

CD Hotlist by Rick Anderson


Certainly a lot of people were upset at the outcome of the last US presidential election. Finding a way to voice their disappointment and frustration may have been difficult for many, but for drummer Tina Raymond, the solution became obvious, and that was to record her first album and have it reflect her concerns about her country in the present, as well as her hopes for the future. full review ...

Jazz Music Archives by John Sanders


Most jazz artists don't choose to create a concept album as their debut. But drummer Tina Raymond has done just that with Left Right Left, teaming up with pianist Art Lande and bassist Putter Smith for a wide-ranging piano trio outing that explores America's political climate via a mix of patriotic songs, a pair of Woody Guthrie tunes, a Joni Mitchell cover, a pair of outstanding Putter Smith originals, and Joan Baez's gorgeous Saigon Bride. full review ...

... the beauty of these tunes - a voice against the malevolence and mendacity that have a way of surfacing and making loud splashing sounds in the roiling of the country's storm - tossed political seas. Sometimes that's the voice that the artists have to use. full review ...

All About Jazz by Dan McClenaghan


(Soon to be published in Bad Alchemy Magazine)

TINA RAYMOND Left Right Left (Orenda Records, ORENDA0039): Diese Drummerin, die sich mit James Baldwin (dessem 30-sten Todestag heuer mit Raoul Pecks Doku "I Am Not Your Negro" gedacht wird) geschichtsbewusst zeigt, als full-time professor of music am Los Angeles City College in Hollywood, CA ... full review ...

Bad Alchemy Magazine by Rigobert Dittmann



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