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January 31, 2020

Emily Takahashi Quintet

Emily Takahashi Quintet

Emily Takahashi (piano), Tom Gershwin (trumpet), Anisha Rush (woodwinds), Bill McCrossen (bass), Art Lande (drums)

An evening of original compositions from the flowing, creative pen of Emily Takahashi. Even more new pieces have been added to their book of uplifting, fearless charts. Come out to Sole and join us for an evening of musical fun and adventure with the Emily Takahashi Quintet.

Caffe Sole

637R South Broadway  (map)
Boulder, CO 80305
303 499 2985

February 1, 2020


Flex on stage at Dazzle

Art Lande (piano),
Gonzalo Teppa (bass),
Dru Heller (drums)

Last August, Flex showed their muscle in public then headed into the studio and laid down a full album of excellent original music. The CD will be ready and available! Stop in at the Muse to witness Flex playing in prime form. Hear something old and revived, something new, and a lot of something completely different. The album is fantastic! Come share and celebrate outstanding live music in the Boulder area.

The Muse Performance Space

200 E South Boulder Rd   (map it)
Lafayette, CO 80026

Art Lande Master Classes
Spring Semester 2020, CU School of Music

All classes meet on Fridays, 1:00PM - 3:00PM
in Macky's Jazz Room (basement, west side)
Always bring your instrument!

Feb7Tension and Release
The focus will be on hard to use, non-chordal tones to create tension -- specifically in longer areas of the music -- 4 to 8 bars. We'll be playing Nature Boy in E minor and Little Sunflower in D minor.

February 7, 2020


Art Lande (drums)
Kim Bird (bass)
Amanda Williams (piano)

Kimandala band photo

photo by: David Silver

The challenge of playing Kommando Jazz is to deal with the ever changing rhythms, forms and styles the group's compositions ask for. Listening, responding and creating happen in the various environments that arise. Communication and teamwork are necessary to make the risky business successful. To have individual talents and wishes come forward while finding an ensemble sound and flow makes each piece come to life and feel fresh. more ...

Caffe Sole

637R South Broadway  (map)
Boulder, CO 80305
303 499 2985

February 9, 2020

S Band

Want Some Lobster? Chief Longnose Meets the Pilgrims.

S band photo

Khabu (guitar), Bill McCrossen (bass), Mark Miller (woodwinds), Art Lande (piano)

Yes! A themed evening with S.

It's not as if they've gone extinct, but a themed concert adds something shared and tangilble to the recipe for the evening. A launchpad. Some conrete. A giggle or something to ponder. And with Want Some Lobster? Chief Longnose Meets the Pilgrims, there is a lot of intrigue and latitude to work with for both audience and band member. (Art will be providing hints/suggestions, and/or an explanation of the title.)

Don't hesitate to get your seat at the table (house concerts are by reservation only), and engage with the story of Chief Longnose and why he might be serving up Lobster in Colorado.

A Special House concert at Chuck Ceraso's Gallery/Studio

The Gallery/Studio is located in Lafayette, CO (Google map)
Suggested donation is $15
7:00 pm

House concerts are by invitation only. To request your invitation, Email Chuck at chuck.ceraso@artlande.com or call 303-898-3649 and indicate
   - the number of people in your party
   - your email/phone/contact info.

Note: Dinner, lobster and otherwise, is entirely up to you and it must be limited to an image. Something to be conjured with aural stimulus, and to be created and consumed through and between your ears. This imaginary dinner will be perfectly prepared to your liking and if not, please have your imaginary server handle the situation. After all, Chief Longnose will be your House Manager for the evening's dining experience.

February 25 - March 1
University of Nevada Reno

Workshops and Concerts in various area venues
With Art Lande, Hans Halt, Josh Reed and others

More info coming soon.

April 8, 9 2020
Casper College

Art Lande Jazz Trio — Concert and Clinic

Otis Lande guest artist and clinician

Art Lande (piano), Otis Lande (bass), Ron Colter (drums)

Casper College

125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

Apr 8 - Clinic
Casper College Music Building
12:00 pm

Apr 9 - Concert
Casper College (exact venue is TBA)
7:30 pm