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lande quartet
July 26, 2017
Kitano, NYC

Art Lande (piano)
Bruce Williamson (woodwinds)
Dean Johnson (bass)
Tony Moreno (drums)

Whether playing intriguing, original compositions, reinvigorating standards or open improvisations, this band promises colorful, inventive, exciting, and beautiful music.

Kitano, NYC

Two sets. One at 8pm and another at 10pm.
$17 cover, $20 minimum


August 20, 2017

An Amy Biondo house concert in South Boulder.

Art Lande (piano)
Gonzalo Teppa (bass)
Dru Heller (drums)

Flex is a band formed in 2017 that embodies flexibility, flexion of muscle and mind, the reflex of heart and mood, the inflection of a wide range of musical influences. Featuring pianist Art Lande, bassist Gonzalo Teppa, and drummer Dru Heller, the group embraces the myriad of possible textures and colors available to this time-honored instrumentation.

The bass takes over the theme in an arco fashion, a drum solo appears at an unexpected moment, forms are suspended or changed at will, a quiet piece gets funky or becomes a 5/4 for salsa dance. Each band member is ready to bring his musical wishes to the table at any moment, and the group embraces and commits to the new direction.

The repertoire of the band includes compositions from its members, arrangements of jazz standards, open improvisations, and tunes called-out or arrived-at that the ensemble has never playing together before. So there is an atmosphere of innovation and tradition.

Come and listen, take the ride, and flex your sensual, personal and musical consciousness with us -- we invite to share in our band's joyful, energetic spirit. And … resist the Eel Panda!

Suggested donation: $15
7:00 pm
House concerts are by invitation only. To request your invitation and receive venue information, Email Amy at amybiondo@artlande.com or call/text 720-936-2517 and indicate
   - the number of people in your party
   - your email/phone/contact info.

August 24, 2017

TAJ, tim art and josh


Tim Wendel - (guitar)
Art Lande - (piano)
Josh Reed - (trumpet)

TAJ was created in 2016 by Tim Wendel, Art Lande, and Josh Reed in order to play new, challenging, original music. Exploring beauty, complexity, and the possibilities inherent in the guitar, piano, and trumpet, this band offers each musician the opportunity to play any and all musical roles. This shifting of roles and opportunities is fun to listen to, and the flexibility and communication needed to make it work bring the music into the present moment and away from the jazz conventions in traditional formats with bass and drums. This Colorado trio has roots in New York and Philadelphia, and spans 40 years of life and musical experience. Each player has an original voice and the band has a unique sound, content, and improvisational approach.

Dazzle @Baur's

1512 Curtis Street
Denver, CO 80202
6:30 pm, 1 Set in the Gallery Room
Admission: $12

Art Lande Quartet

quartet headshots

Peter Barhsay, Art Lande, Erik Jekabson, Paul McCandless

September 8 - 10, 2017
San Francisco, Oakland, Soquel

September 8, 2017

Bird And Beckett Books

653 Chenery Street in San Francisco's Glen Park  (map)
San Francisco, CA 94131
$20 suggested donation
5:30 pm

September 9, 2017

Piedmont Piano Company

1728 San Pablo (18th and San Pablo)  (map)
Oakland, CA  94612
510-547-8188 (tickets)
8:00 PM
Admission TBA

September 10, 2017

House concert in Soquel

Request your reservation and venue information by calling 831-462-3425
Ask for Robert Ockeloen
6:00 PM
Admission: (contact Robert)

October 13, 2017

Tina Phillips Quartet at the Peak View Jazz Festival

Tina Phillips - (vocals)
Art Lande - (piano)
Khabu Doug Young - (guitar)
Jill Fredericksen - (drums)

More information coming soon.