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Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation

This remarkable new book by Mark Miller with Art Lande is now available from University Professors Press.

I (webmaster Russ) haven't played an instrument or taught music in ages, but even with this irregular flow of my musical life, every chapter of Being Music provides invaluable lessons and exercises I can use to navigate daily existence, with or without a musical instrument.

If you've heard about the book but haven't yet learned how to order it, see the link below. If the book is news and you want to learn more, visit the link and peruse the moving notable reviews, make an order and spread the word.

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation by Mark Miller with Art Lande.



Art Lande video - ECM@50 video project

ECM Records is a distinctive and highly regarded music label founded by Manfred Eicher in 1969. It's also the label that started Art Lande's recording journey.

2019 marked ECMs golden anniversary and due to ECM's acclaim, there were world wide celebrations.

To mark the 50 years, independent filmmaker IJ Biermann decided to represent each year with an interview of an ECM recording artist. Art Lande represents 1973 in this epic project documenting the influence of ECM on a world of music creators and listeners. View it here: 1973 - Art Lande - ECM@50



The Full Diss on the Music of Funko Moderno

For his Doctor of Musical Arts, Mitchell Dunham chose the topic of his dissertation to be Art Lande and the Music of Funko Moderno. Italavian culture is quite unique and full of life. There are many stories to be told and brought into the light.

For some good background on its founder as well as insights into a new way to play, Art Lande and the Music of Funko Moderno is another good read.