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Three New Albums

The Silver Fox cover image
The Silver Fox features Art Lande and Erik Jekabson with Peter Barshay and Alan Hall as the Arterik Quartet on a recording from the Hillside Club in Berkeley, CA. It's a Double CD project packing more than 90 minutes of music into ten terrific jazz tunes. Avaliable on Bandcamp and streaming services. Listen right now ...

Act reAct cover image
Carl Schultz's project Act reAct has also been released. Before going into the studio late last summer, Carl, Art and Tim Wendel played this evocative music for us all via a livestream from the Muse Performance Space. Avaliable on streaming services. Listen to Act reAct right now ...

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation book cover
Last September, the Emily Takahashi Quintet recorded their latest project Cenozoic Dreams. A tribute and thank you to Mother Earth from the imaginative pen of Emily Takahashi with aural representation by her terrific musicians -- Shane Endsley, Anisha Rush, Bill McCrossen, Art Lande and Emily Takahashi. Info how to purchase/listen to this album is not yet available, but a link will be posted.

Pandemic, Schmandemic!

Despite the pandemic, Art's creativity continued unabated. He's been busy creating many new tunes (hear them Jul 18, Flex+, in Lafayette, CO), getting rehearsals going, arranging gigs and producing several recording projects. He is putting new music of high quality into the listening pipeline, so if you haven't already joined the email list, you should receive emails from Art Lande and get timely announcements about Artful concerts and album releases.

RIP Nimbit, Hello Bandcamp!

For many years, Art's website has been utilizing Nimbit to provide digital music purchases. On Dec 9, 2020, Nimbit's parent company discontinued that service.

Bandcamp was chosen as the successor to Nimbit and it provides a lot more than digital downloads. You can still preview, buy and download but listeners are also provided streaming capabilities and more.

Thank you for years of service Nimbit, RIP.
Hello Bandcamp! We look forward to your 21st century offerings.

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation book cover

This remarkable new book by Mark Miller with Art Lande is gaining praise. Get your copy from University Professors Press.

Visit the link NOW and peruse the moving notable reviews, make an order and spread the word.

Being Music: The Art of Open Improvisation by Mark Miller with Art Lande.

More good info about the book is available at Mark's website.

Art Lande Video - ECM@50 Video Project

ECM Records is a distinctive and highly regarded music label founded by Manfred Eicher in 1969. It's also the label that started Art Lande's recording journey.

2019 marked ECMs golden anniversary and due to ECM's acclaim, there were world wide celebrations.

To mark the 50 years, independent filmmaker IJ Biermann decided to represent each year with an interview of an ECM recording artist. Art Lande represents 1973 in this epic project documenting the influence of ECM on a world of music creators and listeners. View it here: 1973 - Art Lande - ECM@50

The Full Diss on the Music of Funko Moderno

For his Doctor of Musical Arts, Mitchell Dunham chose the topic of his dissertation to be Art Lande and the Music of Funko Moderno. Italavian culture is quite unique and full of life. There are many stories to be told and brought into the light.

For some good background on its founder as well as insights into a new way to play, Art Lande and the Music of Funko Moderno is another good read.