Condo Baseball, 2013

Art Lande has a knowledge and command of baseball. He's a sports official, plays the game, takes his own stats and knows nearly all that goes on in a season.

The grand essence of all things Baseball is natural to Art and gathering with friends to support the home team is a very favorite activity. This year that excitement went far past 10, past 11 and all the way to 13 when Art opened his Kwanzaa gift from Aubrey (Mrs. Lande). A curious story, and a certificate for one month's rental of a top floor loft in a highrise less than a block from Coors Field. Home of the Colorado Rockies.

Here, Art writes about the events of each game, seasonal ups and downs of the players and coaches, and postseason possibilities, using his comfortable style of first hand knowledge, genuine concern and affection, and the pursuit of simple clarity.

There are 12 games to be posted in groups of 4.