Russian Dragon Band
Russian Dragon Band Pics

Active: 1988 to present       
   When Kentucky Was Indiana (1994)
   The Book of Bhu (1998)
Personnel:   (biographies on the members are here ...)
   Art Lande - drums, piano, melodica      Dwight Killian - bass      Khabu Doug Young - guitar, ukelele
   Mark Miller - woodwinds        Bruce Williamson - woodwinds      Shane Endsley - trumpet, drums
   Peter Sommer - woodwinds

The Russian Dragon Band came into being in Boulder, Colorado in 1988 with the idea of fostering creativity, composition, improvisational flexibility and interaction. The band recorded two CD's for Synergy Music, had a number of US Tours, and was featured at jazz festivals in Colorado, Texas, Utah Arizona and New York.

In recent years, it has been difficult for the full group to work together, so the band members have continued to play together in various other combinations. The appearances of the complete ensemble on February 8-10, 2008, will be a rare treat.

The Russian Dragon Band's flexibility of pulse (rushin' and draggin'), use of space and orchestral textures, and an unbridled drive, combine to bring listeners an exciting, adventurous and rich musical experience. The use of poetic and theatrical elements add to this already wide scope.