The Hidden Jewel

Hidden Jewel Band

Active: 2001 to present

   The Hidden Jewel

   Art Lande - piano
   Günter Wehinger - flute
   Paul McCandless - oboe, English horn, bass clarinet, saxophone

The Hidden Jewel is a group comprised of three musicians who are equally comfortable in the worlds of jazz and classical music. The compositions and improvisations reflect a thorough immersion in modern music.

The ensemble has an inherently beautiful sound, yet the music also seeks the mystery of uncharted sonorities and rhythms that wake up the ears. This innovative trio of musicians combines flexibility, precision,interactive nuance and raw energy.

The realms of classical, jazz, world music and pure improvisation blend together seamlessly to create concerts that are unique and inspiring. The feeling in the center of their music is a jewel worth searching for in the contemporary music landscape.