Flex on stage at Dazzle

Active: 2017 to present

   Resist the Eel Panda (Release date in January 2020)

Flex portrait Personnel:
   Art Lande (piano),
   Gonalzo Teppa (bass),
   Dru Heller (drums)


Flex is a band formed in 2017 that embodies flexibility, flexion of muscle and mind, the reflex of heart and mood, and the inflection of a wide range of musical influences. Featuring pianist Art Lande, bassist Gonzalo Teppa, and drummer Dru Heller, the group embraces the myriad of possible textures and colors available to this time-honored instrumentation.

The bass takes over the theme in an arco fashion, a drum solo appears at an unexpected moment, forms are suspended or changed at will, a quiet piece gets funky or becomes a 5/4 for salsa dance. Each band member is ready to bring his musical wishes to the table at any moment, and the group embraces and commits to the new direction.

The repertoire of the band includes compositions from its members, arrangements of jazz standards, open improvisations, and tunes called-out or arrived-at that the ensemble has never playing together before. So there is an atmosphere of innovation and tradition.

Come and listen, take the ride, and flex your sensual, personal and musical consciousness with us -- we invite you to share in our band's joyful, energetic spirit.



Dec 2019
Resist the Eel Panda - the first recording from Flex is in production and will be available in January 2020.

Last fall, the band played a fantastic concert at Caffe Sole shortly before heading into the studio to record. Those attending that concert know very well how excellent this album is. It turned-out great!

Feb 1, 2020 at the Muse.